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Certain kinds of music are more memorable than others. But why? Stanford music professor Jonathan Berger uses a common ringtone to explain why we can't get certain tunes out of our minds.

Nokia Tries To Play It Cool With New Dubstep Ringtone – TechCrunch

Berger has a fantastic, music-laced essay on Nautilus about how music can confound our expectations, and worm its way into our minds. The most attention-grabbing music leads us to believe we'll hear one sound, but provides us with another. Or it provides us with a sound we can't quite identify. Here, he talks about how that works in this terrific explanation of the default Nokia ringtone:. About 15 years ago I boarded a bus in the Middle East and was assaulted by a cacophony of ringing cell-phones, each shrieking the original Nokia ringtone:.

Every attempt I made to divert the Nokia ringtone failed. Unable to dislodge the tune from my brain, I mentally transcribed it.

A 1902 Waltz ushers in the age of mobile

Despite its simplicity, I could not decide whether it started on an upbeat:. The more the earworm plagued me, the more I obsessed over the ambiguity. No sooner did I convince myself that it was iambic, the trochaic interpretation took preference. It is innocuous enough to avoid undue arousal, yet present enough to demand attention.

In an informal series of experiments tailored both to musically literate and untrained listeners I asked others to determine where the accent was in the ringtone. Click on Continue with Google. Enter your first name.

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Enter your second name. You will then be able to see the loan limit you are eligible for. You can check this video:Alternatively, you can buy using your debit card on select websites. Amazon supports this feature Check your card's eligibility. Once you are sure that your card is eligible, you can simply go ahead and make the transaction. How to turn on battery saver mode on Realme 5? Then tap on Battery option. Then Tap on Battery saver optionThen select the percentage at which you want to trigger the battery saver in your phone and you are Done.

How to use Led Flash for notifications on Realme 5? This is a feature which is there in all the iPhones. Yes, it looks cool when the LED light blinks whenever there is a notification. Let us see how android users can use the same on their phones. There is an app by the name of "Flash Notifications".

Process is simple, download the app and select which all applications you wish to connect to Flash Notifications. You can configure settings like the length of flash, the number of times you want the flash. Once done, you are good to go. You can simply test it by calling on your number from another device.

How to hide photos and videos on Realme 5? There are some photos which are very personal you want to keep them only to yourself. If someone see them by chance, it becomes very awkward and embarrassing.

To avoid that, you can simply install the Vaulty app and feel safe while handing over your phone to anyone:Go to the Play Store and Install the Vaulty App. Open the app and accept the terms. Set a PINYou are done. Simply add some photos and you can finally feel safe while handing over your phone to anyone. How to set custom ringtone on Realme 5? Well, sometimes you watch some movie and you want its tune as your ringtone. Happens right? It happened with me last when I watched Sherlock.

Remember that violin tune.? Yes, so I got the tone and copied it to my phone by simply emailing and downloading it to the email ID configured on my phone. Once there, navigate to SettingsOpen the sound sectionFind Phone Ringtone option and open itSelect local ringtone and select the ringtone which was copiedSo, you are done. Each time your phone rings, you listen to your favorite tune.

How to hide or protect apps on Realme 5? Many phones these days provide an inbuilt app locker. You can find this option as App Locker, generally under the Utilities option. You can simply open the option and select an app which you wish to lock.

Importing a Ringtone from Your PC

Now everytime you wish to open that app, you will have to enter the phone lock password or authenticate using fingerprint sensor, if your phone supports fingerprint. Alternatively, if your phone does not support this feature, you can download the app named app locker from play store. Configuring it is easy. You will be asked to set a pattern lock when you launch it for the first time. Then you need to configure an E-Mail ID for security and backup purposes. Under the Privacy tab, you can find a list of apps installed. You can select any one of them to lock. Now whenever you open the app you have locked using AppLock, you will be asked for a password.

You can also unlock it using your fingerprint. How to install Whatsapp on Realme 5? Tap the magnifying glass icon. Type WhatsApp into the search bar, then tap Go. Tap the "WhatsApp Messenger" item. How to set up Wifi Hotspot on Realme 5? WiFi hotspot is a feature that allows you to simply share your data with others around you. Your device acts as a router and provides internet access to devices around you.

How Nokia’s Original Ringtone Became the Most Played Tune on the Planet

You can use this internet on any device like mobile, laptop, tablets. It is very simple to setup the hotspot on your device. Follow this guide:Go to settings. How to turn on torch for Realme 5? Swipe down the notification bar on the screen. You can also download an Android app for the same, Tap the "Power" or "On" button in the app to turn on the flashlight. This will enable your device's camera flash.

Tap the button again to turn the flashlight off. How to turn on bluetooth for Realme 5?

How to set and use MP3 as ringtone on a Nokia and Microsoft Lumia

Go to settings. Tap the Toggle button to turn on the Bluetooth. Method 2:a. Drag down the quick settings bar from the top or bottom. How to enable 4G on Realme 5?

Check the following steps to switch the network to 4G:-Tap on Menu and select Settings. Is there a heating issue in Nokia 7. The device does get warm while charging and a bit more while using high power apps while charging, You might get overheating messages for the same. But, if the messages are too frequent and are not relevant, as in phone is getting extremely hot without any reason. You must visit a service center asap. How to cast my Nokia 7. To cast your phone screen on your TV you need to have Chromecast.

Follow the steps to successfully cast your screen-Before you begin casting1. Connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network. The mobile device, tablet or computer you are using to cast must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast. You must be running the latest version of the Chromecast-enabled app.

You can always double check that you are on the latest version by visiting the Google Play Store. Cast from Chromecast-enabled apps to your TV1. Make sure that the phone you are using to cast is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast or TV with Chromecast built-in. Open a Chromecast-enabled app. Tap the Cast button Inactive cast extension. Note: The Cast button isn't located in the same place on all Chromecast-enabled apps.