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Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Som kanaskar. Vote Up 0 0 Vote Down Reply. Load More Comments. Sharing your photos via Ovi or MMS is part of the camera application. Video is good on this device.

Nokia 5235 Comes With Music US Video clips

It is possible it will take up to 16 gigabytes but I've not tested that. Display- The 3.

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The finger UI makes a stylus un-necessary for use with any of the on-phone applications and features but when browsing a stylus would be handy. There is no on-board storage for a stylus but you can connect the tethered plectrum to the phone. Another "Oh? Applications- There is a link to the Ovi store on the device. Plenty of free and low cost applications are available for everything from speedometer to word processing.

Decent media player in included. Maps- Ovi Maps with turn by turn navigation is at no additional cost.

Nokia - User opinions and reviews - page

GPS is quick, accurate, navigation provides spoken street names. Has a very fast route recalculation function. Download from Ovi store. Read full review. Very Basic. It's also the first Nokia smartphone with a U. The bad: The Nuron lacks Wi-Fi and a document viewer. Its user interface is clunky and confusing, and we wish it had a capacitive touch screen. No flash for the camera.

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The bottom line: The Nokia Nuron for T-Mobile isn't the most advanced or fastest smartphone on the market, but budget-conscious customers will find an incredible deal here. I wanted a phone to upgrade from my Nokia ExpressMusic.

Nokia 5230 internet wiminaqavuna.tk4

I loved my old phone for its size and excellent MP3 capacity. The looked like a very workable entry level Smartphone. It is. Features of the new phone are easy to navigate It has more memory capacity and, of course, tons more functions. I like that I can turn it on its side and use a qwerty keyboard. It seems to have better reception than my old phone too. I think this is a great phone. First, the good: Runs almost as many apps as Android, thousands of which are free, and available from the built in Nokia Ovi Store.

It can play all channels of SomaFM. Next, the bad: I would rate this phone at good or higher if it had WiFi, and did not have the buggy T-Mobile firmware on it. This firmware slows the phone way down, and it is constantly stuttering and freezing. Still the problem happens please find a solution!!! I lost the email notification bar on the home screen in 5 days 2.

Value for money challenge I thought of going for the but had to be content with this as it's no where to be found im my home city.

Wifi wlan 5230 Free Download

Another reason being paying 8. All in all, the best phone I've ever owned. Touch screen is super responsive, phone is zippy compared to its java siblings Camera is surprisingly good for a 2mp fixed focus camera. Music quality is unbeatable and the best I've heard so far my advice is to pay a bit extra n get the philips she premium earphones. Themes are superb and the customisation possibilities are endless. It looks very good on the 16M clour display.

Similar Applications

And then there is the world of apps that you can play with. Symbian apps are times better than java apps. All in all, very satisfied with the phone.