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Compact, portable and flexible design, easy operation, perfect for taking self-portrait, video diaries, video blogging wherever and whenever you are. With included ball head, it can also be mounted onto a tripod. Heavy duty suction cup mount that will never fall off if properly mounted.

Best Phone Tripod — Top Smartphone Tripod Mount Reviews

Beauty Makeup. Material: ABS, Plastic.

Product Description

Length [ 5. Fits iPad mini, Air, all standard size iPads and Tablets.

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This functions less like a traditional tripod and more like a music stand or photo studio light stand with a long thin adjustable neck coming off a stable spread footing. Say good bye to two-hand holding and shaky filming! Switching from portrait to landscape orientations is a breeze. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3. Hot this week in Ipad Mini Tripod. Make an Offer. Shop by Category. Compatible Brand see all. For Amazon. For AOC. For Apple. For Lenovo. For Samsung.

Ipad 2 wall stand

Compatible Model see all. For Apple iPad 2. For Apple iPad Air 2. For Apple iPad mini 2. For Apple iPad mini 3. For Apple iPad mini 4. For Samsung Galaxy Tab. Color see all. Brand see all. Type see all.

The Best Tripod for iPhones and Other Smartphones

Roughly the size and weight of a set of keys, this spring-loaded, universal-screw mount is small enough to slip in a pocket but sturdy enough to hold your phone tightly. When attached to a tripod, the mount lets you easily rotate your phone degrees; alternatively, you can use the mount on its own to keep your smartphone standing upright in either portrait or landscape position, for those spur-of-the-moment times when you need to take a photo or video hands-free.

When used without legs, other models we looked at, like the DaVoice Cell Phone Tripod Adapter , can support a phone only propped up at an angle—not perpendicular to whatever surface you have them on—making them hard to use on their own.

Although Amazon reviews are for the most part very positive, a small number of owners have run into quality problems—primarily stripped threads from overtightening—but these seem to have cropped up with the basic black plastic version. We recommend you get the silver-colored metal version of the mount. If you want the sleekest, most pocketable gadget that can keep your phone upright in a pinch and pairs great with a tripod stand, our favorite option is the Joby GripTight One Mount. The simple spring-release design folds to the size of a large car key. The rotating mount lets you flip your phone full circle while its spring-release mechanism clutches your phone securely.

iPhone Tripod Comparison: Pick The Best iPhone Tripod For You

We looked at a wide range of available smartphone tripods—more than 50 in total—as we explored what mattered most when seeking stability for smartphone photography. Though interestingly designed, the Stance models are less stable and work in fewer positions than our main picks. The mini model collapses to the size of a car key and feels solidly made. The ball-and-socket joint let us origami the tiny legs into standing our iPhone 7 Plus upright in both portrait and landscape positions, though it remained a bit wobbly in the vertical position.

The Lightning-port connection provides a bit of wiggle room, which adds to the instability. Without any sort of additional universal screw mount, the Stance cannot pair with another, larger tripod, unlike our top pick for the best smartphone tripod mount, the Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod Mount.

We found that the RetiCam mount offered the functionality we wanted but was much bulkier than the Square Jellyfish model we picked. The Shoulderpod S1 mount also met our requirements, but it too was much bigger and bulkier than our top pick. The UBeesize tripod and mount combo is an Amazon best seller, and even cheaper than our budget pick, but far more flimsy.

It just passed its Kickstarter funding phase and looks to be shipping this month. This is actually a generic model offered by several companies; the ChargerCity version happened to be the one we tested. Joby GorillaPod 1K Kit Best smartphone tripod Light enough to take anywhere, but strong enough for the heaviest smartphone and even some cameras.

Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod Mount Best smartphone tripod mount This rotating mount holds any size phone comfortably and can serve as a stand on its own. Skip to content. Say good bye to two-hand holding and shaky filming! The form fitting frame is made from Poly Carbonate to ensure long-lasting durability and protection. While completely covering the back of the iPad, the new handy gadget provides you the ultimate protection without blocking any ports.

Switching from portrait to landscape orientations is a breeze. The rivets are countersunk into the frame and sit flush and also come with rivet head covers to protect the backside of your iPad from scratches. Please Note: Older tripods and tripod heads do not have tilt function, you will be looking at the ground Weighing in at 6 ounces and measuring 7. Made in the USA.